Couldn't possibly go through August without some nice sunbaths and spending some days by the sea. There's something about it that makes me feel good and connected. Although I am not the best swimmer, I have never been afraid to swim whether it was in a pool where I couldn't reach the bottom with my feet, or in the middle of the ocean, jumping from a boat. I have this belief that I will always get through things, even when they look a bit risky before I do them. It's when I'm in that feeling, that things often change for me because I felt the courage to do it before I was ready. I never saw swimming as something you learn, but more like something natural in us, humans. The same way we can climb, we can swim, and some of us will do better than others. Although this perspective never made me learn to swim properly (haha), I was never afraid to get into the sea or jump in a pool.

As most of you know, recently on my birthday I was surprised with a boat trip to go watch the dolphins and swim in the ocean. It was something I always wanted to do. We went on a more traditional boat compared to the big white yacht sailing experience I still hold in my plans. But it felt so right given the city and it's culture, the experience felt more real and at the same time private enough, as that yacht would definitely turn some heads, haha.
Plans for the future: learn to swim properly and rent a yacht! :)

About the look, I decided to do a more affordable look with clothing some of you could more easily shop for, at Asos. The most expensive thing would be the hat, which is from French Connection, but I found one for less since this one was also already sold out. If you follow me on Snapchat you know how much I've been wearing these sunglasses. I also took them to Paris Fashion Week. I love how big they are, it is good to switch from black to brown sunglasses now and then. 

Boater Hat: French Connection (similar• Oversized SunglassesAsos • Bikini Bandeau: Zara (similar• Aztec Shorts: New Look

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