And we are half way through the wear (or almost) Damn! So much has changed in the last 6 months for me, my mind is in such a different place, I feel like I am slowly getting back in line with myself, I didn't realise how lost I was earlier this year until this past week. It made me try so many different things though! Nothing like getting over things by going through them. I could call it a waste of time but looking back it was super efficient considering the number of things I tried in such a few months, but mostly how sure I am now about where I am heading and what I want to do with my life. 

In the following days, you will see Silver Girl change into something different. I don't want this to be just a blog and I don't want to be a blogger, I never wanted to, I always had a bigger picture in mind. At first I though I wanted to travel the world, but I was wrong. I don't mind travelling, but I don't like going to places without a purpose. Still dreaming about LA though, although now I am looking at it in a completely new way. I always wanted to be (in general) an entertainer, but the fact that it is so crowded made me give up too early, and turn to something I am also passionate which is obviously fashion & style. But as the time passes and as I make good and bad decisions it became more obvious what I should do. And yes I kind of wish I had started earlier, but starting earlier wouldn't necessarily have been better. 

I am starting to have fun with YouTube. I guess when you dive in you get sort of hooked. So that's part of what is coming, here. Written / photo posts will soon end and turn into videos where you will be able to watch me instead of scrolling through photos and read. What is also exciting is that I will be launching new t-shirts every season. This project has been so interesting to me, I've tried so many t-shirts and looked at different prints and designs. I wanted to make sure I could hit a decent price for a good quality t-shirt with a dope design. 

About NICE, there will be a vlog, and you will be able to see EVERYTHING. That's coming soon.
About the look, I arrived in Nice around lunch time, it was humid and gloomy so I took a denim jacket and converse, I always travel with this type of clothing, it goes with everything and its super comfortable and casual. For the outfit itself, I went with a white crop top and light striped high waisted trousers, which by the way are from Zara, I love them.

See you soon!