"Leather pants are the go-to pant style for the coolest models-off-duty, so we're certain this trend won't be letting up anytime soon." - Harper's Bazaar

Leather pants have quickly become an essential piece in my closet, it is not only a super stylish piece as it can also be worn with pretty much anything. My favourite way of wearing them is definitely with long tops or dresses with a straight cut. I have also strategically worn these under culottes during Parist Fashion Week, it was so cold! You can also match these with pretty much any kind of shoe, even sneakers will work. I think they work better with stylish heels and high ankle boots. 
Now the styles of the different types of leather pants can vary, I personally think that the wet looking ones are the best since they are normally quite thick and tend to be super tight. However, you can pick different ones according to your personal style and taste. There is also this kind that has a ribbed touch, a few come with zips and some will even have pockets and you will be able to wear with a belt.

Let me know what is your opinion on Leather Pants, and what style is your favourite?