animal print and leather jacket tropical vibes

Literally just got back from my first ever Crossfit workout. I've been switching workouts throughout the time, and even having a couple breaks in between while I travelled. This last Summer I was running like crazy at the gym 10/11km per hour every single day! Now recently I have been trying to pick up on my workouts but because I travel so often I learned that a gym membership was costing me more than a personal trainer! So I went to a fitness store and bought myself an elastic band, 2kg and 3kg weights and ankle weights, two thick mats and a medium fitness ball. My workouts now consist in 100 reps of every single exercise I could benefit from (about 10). From arms to tights and abs. The thing I use the most is the ankle weights and the mats of course! I was expecting for the Crossfit workout to be a lot harder, I found it quite easy, but I guess I should try it just one more time and see how it goes. 

If you are wondering what am I doing in a sleeveless dress with my leather jacket wrapped around my waist along with sunglasses and open shoes when it is almost officially Winter, the thing is I am on this island where the sun shines brightly every single day, and thinking of wool jumpers and fuzzy socks by the fireplace is nothing but a dream. Although I've been loving it a lot, nothing can replace Christmas in London! Which is why I am excited to be back in just a few days!!

About the look, I have been taking the Winter trends and making them Summer-appropriate, although shops insist it is Winter time, the big advantage is that all summer wear gets discounted (and mostly during black Friday and cyber Monday, btw this weekend was insane spent so much time shopping with my friends on Skype sending links back and forth! It was so much fun!).
This jacket was sent to me by the lovely Dazzal team, it might be a bit pricey but it is such a good piece to have, it feels like it will last a really long time. The dress was given to me ages ago and I never really wore it. I never really quite liked the leopard/animal print style since it reminded me of old ladies wearing animal skin like Cruella. But because things have changed so much and today we can wear fluffy coats without beeing De Vill (aka evil)  so figure it is not that bad, it can actually look quite young and grunge/y, and it can look really cool with leather.
To accessorise I went with these tortoise sunglasses and black leather mules, along with a golden chain/leather bracelet and a red velvet choker to give it a hint of colour. 

Hope you are enjoying the latest content, leave your feedback on what you are liking (or not) and let me know what would you love to see or know about here at Silver Girl.

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Cat Eye Sunglasses: Asos • Leather Jacket: Dezzal (similar here and here) • Leopard Print Dress: Similar herehere and here • Leather Mules: 3.1 Phillip Lim (similar here and here• Chain Leather Bracelet: Similar here and here • Burgundy Velvet Choker: Asos