We often think that if we are cautious enough and if we wait till we are ready things will go flawlessly and the final result will be brighter than if we take impulsive action, make quick decisions or follow a mere instinct. There’s nothing real sustaining the action, there’s a chance it might fail so why even try?

One thing I am sure, is that if you insist on doing your best you will only get better, and you will progress like never before. The thing is, there is much more gain in simply doing than making sure you are doing right, you will hardly get it right at first (and if you do, congratulations, that is not the norm!) It is more than ok to fail as the more you fail the more it shows that you are trying something different and new, and that you are exploring new ways. Isn’t it just amazing to be able to not get it right and continue regardless? This is not a final exam, it will not determine anything, and even final exams are not final, there’s life after that (with more exams if that’s what you’re going for).

Give yourself a break and stop fooling yourself, you are where you are and that is ok, and the only way to move forward is to accept it and build your way up from there. You are not fooling anyone by trying to seem perfect, in fact you must either look boring or exhausted from the outside. Life is meant to be effortless in the sense that you do things the best you know, that you love yourself unconditionally and that you are patient because you know that the more you do, the more you learn, and the more you learn the more you grow, and the more you’ve grown the easier it gets, and suddenly life is different and you are where you wanted to be. There is always another way, so it is ok if you blew it a few times. Life is meant to be experimented and to grow and as long you keep doing both, you will be successful in the pursuit of success.

Have a great week!