We do a lot of things that we come to regret, and find ourselves remembering the not-so-good days, some of us with anger, others with shame and some with resentment. Why would we recall bad moments to our memories and feelings when their already gone? We got through it, it is officially over but in our heads something is not ok with it. And I am not going to teach you how to overcome old problems, because if you do so you are living it more intensely in order to understand it, and that is not what we want.

I want you to let it go once and for all, understand that it is holding you back of doing better in life, and I really want you to do great. I want you to be as successful as you can be.

I want you to see the past as a story, a story that you tell to others, a story that others tell to you, a nothing but a story. Once you’re over the book is closed and you are back to life. Now tell me why would you keep reading the pages that make you feel horrible? And tell me, why would you believe that story?

The only truth is the one you believe. If you believe in that story it will keep happening. You see, the person in the book is a character of the story, you are no longer that person.

Change your book, start a new story, make it yourself! Don’t base yourself on the last book, create from the blank, get inspired and create, draw your beautiful white colour stories and day by day colour in with your heart.

Dream on,