Being in the nature, in one form or another, is something that always speaks to me in some kind of inner level. If you read barefoot adventures you will understand. There's something about the tropical fresh air that makes feel so happy and connected. The bright colours and the textures. It's beautiful to think that things grow so perfectly and compliment each other so well. To get my eyes out of the city for a view like this one (I could even see the sea from there), still feels priceless. It's so calming and refreshing, even if just for a few minutes. 

We didn't plan to shoot there at all, but ended up up blending with my outfit so perfectly we decided to take a couple of pictures to see how it would look. I have to say that I absolutely loved the result. 

About the look, I am wearing my go-to skirt. I love pairing it with anything white and some kind of heels, either sandals or boots. Because the cut of the skirt is so flattering, even a pair of boots (that will hide the ankles) can keep the legs elegant. However, for me, the blouse is the key item here who really gave some direction to the outfit, and from there I accessorised gypsy-like. Feels like Summer, doesn't it? Well after all, it's 21 degrees outside.. 

Lace Blouse: Morgan (similar here and here)  • Military Skirt: Mango (similar here and here• Belt: Zara (similar• Ankle Boots: Stradivarius (similar) • Burgundy Shoulder Bag: MOOW (similar here and here)

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