Quick update with a new outfit. April brought the usual drizzle, which is fine if you are like me and get excited with weather changes as you get to play a different season for a day. (not as exciting if it becomes a constant). Still, the most common picture is a perfect Spring sunny day, wearing shorts and sandals. 

The deconstructive fashion trend has been going for a while now, although it is still quite new. It can be a bit unclean and grungy, so choosing pieces with even trims can make it look a bit more clean, similar to the usual fringes, with a finished look. It is certainly refreshing to see how different designers approach this tendency, as it can be easy for grungier brands but challenging for others. This type of trim in the coat I am wearing has been seen in fashion houses like Chanel, but some other brands choose to simply apply layers of fabric and create through a certain patchwork and seem to give preference to fabrics that can be/look laser cut. 

About the look, I decided to go a bit dressy this day, although the weather dropped a bit, it is still Spring time. Being an optimist, I had to be prepared for the sun, so underneath I am wearing a flowy dress from a lovely boutique. Had it for a while now but I almost never wear it. Same goes for these laser cut heels, that have been sitting in my closet since I got them. Funny enough I just recently offered this scarf to my mom, for the same reason. I guess shopping too often does these things. Nonetheless it is always fun to open the closet and find something that feels new. 

Deconstructed Coat: Zara (similar• Burgundy Dress: Origem (similar Leather Tote: Michael Kors Burgundy Scarf: Zara (similar) • Leather Belt: Similar here and here • Laser Cut Heels: Missguided (similar)

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