It's always a good time for a sunset that saturates the colours in the sky making it a once in a lifetime experience, every single time. There's just a few things that I love just as much as observing the nature, if we lived 200 years, I would stop more to look at it. However, mostly nowadays it feels like we are running somewhere and looking at the sunset became a completely waste of time, with no ROI. But what do we know, time is going to pass anyways. And the way I see it, the best way to go about it is to either jump all in, and make make the most of the years that we got to go find the best of us, or take it slow and enjoy nature as much as possible, with our feet in the sand and salt in our hair.

It's interesting that we all want to go somewhere and become something, it's as if we were born with a quest to complete within a specific time frame, making life an interesting game played in a platform that we can only acknowledge because we are not alone. "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"  I can't put into words how much this concept excites me. We often forget that we have one life. We get so concerned about outer opinions, getting things wrong, falling into shame or loosing everything. But the thing is - we started with nothing and we leave with nothing, the gift is in the middle. The experiences we go through and the strong deep emotions we get to feel are the ones that will fill us up with the only goodness that could eventually then, be taken with us. 

About the look, a walk in the beach calls for a relaxed casual look. Denim, differently from other fabrics, doesn't let sand come in the fibers, so I find it a good thing to wear a the beach. This khaki jacket happens to be water proof although very light - perfect for Summer nights by the ocean. After a day spent at the beach and walking through the village, I decided to leave my hair natural. And to keep things simple, a grey crop top that took no space in my cabin luggage.

What's your happy place? See you soon!