I feel like I've been in love with these shoes forever! I finally got the chance to get a pair for myself and I am beyond excited! I filmed the unboxing for snapchat pretty casually but a few seconds after sharing it, it hit me, like "is this really for ME?" "Can I really keep it?" I know, it's ridiculous and probably sounds cliché, but when you've been pinning and liking something for a long time going from wishing to actually getting, you really get overwhelmed with it. So of course with all of that in my head first thing I say after a few moments staring at the shoes is "wow, I can't take these outside" to which Pedro replied "oh yeah, let's keep it in the counter and look at it every morning, that's why you bought them". I'm sure I looked ridiculous hugging the shoes while considering. I kept them in the box as them came for a few days , but after a while I pulled them out again and decided to wear them. (very carefully). It's not for it being expensive (on the contrary, I found them quite affordable for what I was willing to pay) but how much desire I had accumulated over time. It's like when you're finally loved back by the person you could only dream for, for a long, long time. 

About the look, I've been noticing a lot of medieval hints available on stores, so as I was scrolling on my Ipad, I found these two at Zara. They matched perfectly! And both pieces are quite unique, so there was really no question here! Plus, in Andorra, Zara is just too affordable to waste time considering! Mini skirts are my favourite and this material.. You seriously need to touch it! Next time you go to Zara, you need to find this skirt! 

Mini Fur Skirt: Zara • Velvet Combined Blouse: Zara • Rock Stud Heels: Valentino

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