I am so happy to see this coming together. When I left Marangoni I knew I wanted to create something on my own, and believe me, although I nitpicked every single detail of these t-shirts, from colour to fabric to print, I want to still make it 100x better in the following months. I tried to many t-shirts on, so many prints, these were the winners and there's more coming! I am travelling in two days to go shoot the second selection. I know it is sort of insane but every season I want to launch 20-30 new designs. 

I just got the news that we will be on Asos, so you will be able to get your Silver Girl tee through there as well. I mean.. no big deal! Oh! and I will make sure to make more unisex designs although most tees are unisex already. I got a few requests, the most popular for both genders right now is the Airplane Mode one, which I went all the way and changed the lettering for something more bold and clean. It's one of my favourites now. 

I like how they add a little something to any go-to look, black leggings with Converse and a denim jacket with any of these looks super cool and on-trend. With sunglasses and a bandana, I am good to go. I like how the pink ones have a fun vibe I like to wear those with white and pink denim but it looks casual with blue denim too. I honestly wish I had these back in high school, it was so hard to find a print that spoke to me, was on trend, had a good fitting.

Anyways, nothing like feedback! I would love to hear your opinion, what's your favourite design? What's your least favourite? Any future designs ideas are also welcome, I love getting inspired.

See you soon!