Couldn't possible feel more in bliss than in this scenario (well, maybe I could if you scale it up and ad some sushi and drinks by the poolside, which we are really not far from here). A garden repleted of palm trees and clean contemporary architecture, is exactly what I see when I think of my future home. Most likely in Los Angeles, California.

Growing up, we had this huge house with a balcony, I could see the sea from my room window and choose weather to play in the crate, garden or backyard with dirt soil (yes, that third option was there, my mind was always quite broad and creative). If you grew up with a huge garden and a family dog, you know that the garden is not always the most pleasant place. Our playing pals like to leave us some gifts on the grass that if the sun heats enough you can smell if from very far. (yek) So you can imagine the freedom after the gardener's visit, I'd literally roll down the short glass and try to catch grasshoppers (super classy!) while the dog casually chewed some bees before spitting them. (also very elegant!). Among all the variety of trees and garden decor, there was this huge palm tree that I always felt very fortunate to have (maybe because I felt non of the people I knew had one) it was very large and seemed quite old. My mom told me it was there when she and my dad got that land for the first time. Nothing was there but some big rocks and that palm tree. Those rocks were part of the garden decor, I used to sit on them and play, and jump from one to another. 

About the look, I usually don't go for purple when choosing my outfit (or even shopping), it is as if that wasn't even an option, but just like that backyard, I decided to consider and give it a go. For many years purple was considered the royals colour because it was quite expensive to make (while blue was the most worn by the working class). I decided to mix the purple with golden to give it a light and fresh touch without loosing it's value. Inspired a bit by the general idea of Dubai and coral reefs, in another time with some other colours this look could easily turn into gypsy-chic. 

Pleated Skirt: Mango (similar• Purple Top: Asos (similar) • Metallic Sandals: Zara (similar) • Golden Necklace: Zara (similar) • Golden Bracelet: Similar here and here

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