If you think about it, was it even meant to be worn this late? Should I even call it a prediction? Or are people still warming up to the idea of wearing pink head to toe in a sartorial manner? Depending on what your style is this might feel like something you were already doing in 2015. The pink suit is now looking more appealing outside the office. Let's just say that the suit itself and looking laid-back smart in general is definitely what us - the cool kids - are into at the moment. But why?

We could justify it in so many ways, one of them being the so popular juicy couture tracksuit from the 2000's gaining some structure and giving hands to the 80's disco wave.. bell bottoms and big lapels? Hell yeah! T-shirt and sneakers because after all, James Dean will never stop being an inspiration.. and that's part of what makes us cool. 

If it is not comfortable don't wear it.. seriously it's 2017, you don't have to do that to yourself, it's a bit cringy! Go oversized, ungendered, high waist or low waist. Turn it into a denim matching set or a PVC top bottom kind of thing, skirt if that's your taste.. 

Too much pink to handle? Don't worry, you can totally rock those suit pants with a white muscle tee ray bans and a black velvet beret, white sneakers are a must. Wear the blazer with a cropped crew neck t-shirt and high waisted black vinyl skirt or white jeans.. white boots maybe, silver ones if you're feeling it. 

The looser you look with the suit the better. Wear your hair down, put on some sunglasses and a shoulder bag. If you feel you're wearing the coolest pajamas you're doing it right.