magenta fuschia hot pink




Look, I don't predict the runway, I predict what YOU will be wearing, or at least making a board on Pinterest about it till. So many things on the runway that don't actually get to our closets.. I can usually tell when something isn't going to be huge if it looks dreamy on the runway but it's unpractical in real life. I can see this picking up in the for of shoes and maybe the double breasted blazer.. and a silky dress. Although that velvet coat is something, it might be too flashy to many..

At first I thought it would maybe be something just around the shoes, but a magenta blazer or a magenta silk dress are both things that I can see picking up SUPER easily, mostly with NYC coming up. The 80's colour that was also worn afterwards in the 2000's, and before in the 60's.. makes absolutely all the sense for us to wear it now.. it's modern, confident and positive. It should be a matter of time to see the millennial pink morphing into something more disco, bold and full of personality. 

I personally think that the isolation of the pink is what will make it amazing. Like a total white look - turtleneck, black boots, but anything black really - and the magenta jacket, blazer or coat on top will look absolutely stylish. I can see it also looking extra and beyond over a total white. For a different kind of glimpse get the boots. There's a cool pair of pointy magenta boots at zara that I've been putting on the basket every time I open the website. There's also a few options