Bella Hadid Low Rise Jeans



We've been trying to avoid it.. Some might think it's too early and blame Bella for it, some might be looking forward already adding to cart. It can really give a different twist to any look. Just like every other trend that has been coming up lately, the challenge it to not look tacky in it. Re-living means in some way giving it another chance to do IT better, whatever IT is. 

Jokes aside, we're still warming up to it, so if you are not feeling it this year, you can definitely pick up in the next one. There's also no prediction for the fall of the high waist (see what I did there). One does not invalidate the other, it's like when the crop tops became a thing again, you didn't have to wear it 24/7 to be on trend. 

Seeing the low waist coming back for some if full proof you can wear anything these days because if you are not on trend you are inspiring. Let's just say it is not exactly like that unless you know.. you're Bella.

Let's be honest here, if you don't have gypsy or latina vibes, you're likely dreading the comeback of the low waist, whether it's jeans, skirts, sweatpants or shorts. If you truly lived  the 2000's you're already being extra conscious about your underwear (you know, just in case..)
The low rise can be super unflattering if you don't have that perfect flat belly, but it can make you look longer and make your waist look smaller if styled properly. 

I'd advise starting with the low rise boyfriend jeans, with a shorter length so that it doesn't cover your ankles. If you tend to prefer the feminine/romantic side of trends, give bell bottoms a try. Just like any other pair of jeans, fitting is essential. It is currently being styled with crop tops, depending on your preference, it can easily look good with just a bit of skin showing between top and jeans. (see 2nd last pic above) If that's not you, do it like Kendall, black bodysuit and heels.