Because I know you love these trend predictions so much, I am now looking to do them more often. I have been guessing pretty much everything, even the Daylight Gowns which I was almost loosing my hopes on, thinking maybe I confused that with simple maxi dresses! But they are so ON at the moment with my other prediction Shirt Under/Crop On Top. I knew that would be something!
On that note, remember me predicting the Leopard shoes back in November 2015? Well, it's on! Leopard shoes and leopard coats are on the rise for this current Fall Winter season! 

The fact that I could find pretty much every single icon from the fashion industry wearing one of these, means not only it is super hot at the moment as it may also fit the Timeless section on your wardrobe, meaning also it won't hurt to invest in a good quality Leopard Print Furry Coat. 

Because we are talking leopards and fur, I want to add here that I am strongly against the use of animal skin. I think fashion shouldn't be harmful to any living being or nature, please note that even an overpriced faux fur will be a better option than a real fur for a good price. There is no added value on something that represents pain, this is an old vision from an era where technology was not as developed as today.