We want to do what is right, to bet on the right choice and to make the best moves. To be daring, but never get burned. To be the best, without making mistakes or getting too much attention when we’re not quite there.

There are many theories about what is right and what is wrong, but truth is, none of us are quite sure of what we are doing. In the best case, you have a final purpose to which you’re sometimes sure and sometimes not as much. But most commonly, people follow a certain mood or concept that tends to change over time. In some cases they believed they changed, but the concept was the one who did. It’s like saying you changed your style from gypsy boho to boho chic, when fashion did that to you. You’re still bohemian, but a different expression of it. 

Why would we want to make our way there so flawlessly, when we know for sure today that it was not easy for anybody (except for the Jenners). But if you were not born in a reality show (or almost) you should at least expect some usual challenge according to how far you want to go. 

Why do we forget clichés? They are so obvious - If it was that easy, everyone would do it.

Does it mean that we don’t really want it? Maybe. If we are not willing to put in the effort, if it is for us too much, then we will never have it. It’s like saying that those Valentino shoes are overpriced, you will never have them because you don’t think it is worth the money even having have enough for it and much more. Make the currency time and see where are you spending it. You will notice that it is not a matter of how much you have to spend but how much you are willing to spend it in that direction. In other words, it’s not a matter of how much time you have, it’s a matter of priorities.

So let's say we are all putting in the work towards the things we want to achieve. The first thing that may pop into your mind is: But am I doing enough? Is this considered fast, or am I falling behind without even noticing? What If I am failing, and I don’t even know yet? 

Sure you don’t think like this every single day (I hope not) but sometimes this may pop into your head, and believe it or not, the answer is always: Yes you’re doing well, yes keep doing more, and if you fall be cold about it and get up and move on as quick as you can, this way you will never fall behind. Because no one is quite sure about what they are doing. Everyone is falling among those who are even trying, and the one who gets up quicker is the one who is getting there first. And if you can ignore who’s getting there first, the rebound will get stronger, making you gain so much rhythm that will shoot you forward, making you cross lines that haven’t been crossed before.