A good mixology of unpublished looks often taken without the intent to be shared. I like to go back and look at what I was doing. Damn, I always think I am at my peak, but looking back I'm always doing better now

Something changed with me, as the years passed I got more mature but my mind got younger. When I was 16 I often dressed like a 26 year old, and quite frankly thought I was failing by not beeing able to behave like one most time. Teenage years are so messed up. But I can almost tell it was sort of a period of transition for me where I started travelling more and therefore understanding the dimension of things and how flexible life is. It is almost imperative to travel to a handful of places and to move at least once in life to a different city just to get a feel of how much of what we do is based on the behaviour and reaction of the ones around us.

And by getting lost I sort of found a bit of myself to which I held onto and kept pushing like a loose thread. I am curious, ambitious and smart. I have the patience to communicate under topics that I like and can easily turn off out of conversations that do not interest me. I sought opportunities before being ready for them and I've lost opportunities for not beeing ready. I have a naturally happy spirit that loves to make people laugh and loosen up from rules and posture. I am not a rebellion but I don't believe in rules that limit the development of the society. Emotional intelligence is one of my most powerful powers - I suffer deeply but overcome and super quickly. I believe we can learn something from each other, but I am very selective with the things I want to learn. I am impatient, I change my mind quickly and sometimes complain too much. I take challenges seriously,  even when I don't see a clear end. Every opportunity is a practice for the next one. I don't believe that the future is written but I believe that each moment is a preparation for the big moment. 

You don't need to be a rebel to crack of your shell, you don't fight the current, you go with it. If you are lost in a current that is not yours, you need a blank space to start over. Even if you loose your ground for a moment, there is nothing worth going through life not knowing who you are. The ability to live life on our own terms, take it as it is and transform it has no price. No one could be paid to do it for us. It's a moment where you sort of have to be brave for your future self. Change the current, go find yourself.

See you soon.