If it was a while back, I would be thrilled to leave London for a couple days, however, last week felt totally out of place. First off, to be honest with you I didn't really want to make that trip (that's likely why I got sick, you know.. all that resistance). I went to visit my parents and do some work that had to be done, eventually! But as I said myself "The worst form of wasted time is delaying the things that will have to be done anyways." Beeing back to London felt a bit like going to bed after a long day.

Now what's exciting is the fact that I will be vlogging the upcoming flights! I am still getting my way around taking a vlogging camera everywhere with me, but so much fun, there's so much to share, and it feels to me that video is much more accurate (and fun) when it comes to sharing an experience. Have you been watching the last couple videos? What are your thoughts on it? Would be great to have some feedback! :)

About the look, I LOVE this sweater, I mean, you have to put it on to understand. It feels like unconditional love, if a sweater could ever pull that off, but that's how it feels like! The inside is soft like a blanket and the fitting is SO perfect! I could wear it every day (if it wasn't that Summer is my favourite haha). Once again in leather pants, I mean, what would you expect? I told you before, leather pants are my kind of jeans, therefore I wear them ALL the time (really!)

What's your favourite clothing brand? See you soon!