Some with more some with less, but is that important? Would it matter if no one ever tested you on how much you know about history or maths? Is it something you acquire from the most wise around you and the news? Or is it a school thing that you get the most you can about each and every subject? Most importantly, why is the new age so annoyed with school?

Knowledge is something that instantly adds value to you as a human being. It’s not so much about the school grades, but about what you can do now on your own. You’re able to solve problems for yourself and for the others. Not only you get independence from needing another person to do it for you, but you also become valuable for being the person who is now asked for help, and when you become that good, you’re rewarded.

If knowledge had no value it wouldn’t be exchanged for money. You’re only paid when there’s value in you, from maths knowledge to social knowledge, musical knowledge and motion knowledge.

You don’t necessarily need to go to school, you can learn anything you want online. If you want to, you will find out all that you need. Always remember that everything has been written if it is not on internet, it’s on a book.

Knowledge is something you know, that is useful. Information that is memorised without a purpose can become useless. This is why it is important to have a sense of focus and what we want to do with our lives from a young age, the more time you spend focused in one area the more you learn about it and the better you become at it. If you’re passionate, you will be outstanding.

The main reason why people hate Mondays, is because they are obligated to use knowledge that they are not passionate about, they memorised it till it become easy. They learned that the value was in the kind of information rather then the amount of information they would have in a single subject.

The reason why kids hate to go to school, is because they are being obliged to memorise knowledge that is not focused on what they like doing. With time it becomes useless information and makes them burn time and loose enthusiasm.

If makes them grow believing either they are not that smart because grades proved so year after year, or that knowledge is all they have and they are harsh with themselves every time they don’t know something.

I believe the education system will change in a near future but for now, I want to make sure you don’t let it stop you.Open your laptop get a book and start learning about that thing they don’t teach you at school and there is no place to learn about it in town. Go to youtube and watch as much as you possibly can about it, and practice everyday. This is you gaining real value. Start now, because the sooner you start, the easier your life will be.

Dream on,