I have never considered myself the reading kind, but growing up I found myself gravitating towards anything that would help me not only understand myself but the ones around me and what is life all about. With time, I learned that right and wrong are perspectives and emotions are like the weather, they come and go.
I have always been very determined in reaching something that would fulfill me, looking for progress and change. And although I don't know what that is for sure, the next step seems to be always more obvious. Because I believe that at the end I'll always be fine, I develop the courage to trust that instinct. 

I think that what stops us the most in life is a lack of good information, lack of drive and lack of courage.
So if you don't have enough information start a research. If you don't have the drive look for motivation. And if you don't have the courage, push yourself from the tip of the cliff and fall as many times as you need, as you have never fell before. Because it is in the falling off the cliff that your chance to fly prevails.