If you have been around long enough, you probably already know how much I love the sunsets. A fraction of time where the day becomes night. A time where the light is so beautiful and unique, that if you want to do anything under that frame, you have to prepare in advance, and be quick during the time where the sun goes down. 

Spontaneous as I like to be, after photographing at the hotel, I decided to literally run back and change, looking to try to make some cool photos under this light. The outfit was picked just as  spontaneously as well as this street. It was so much fun to take these photos so quickly, while people were passing by, on the sidewalk, and the cars on the road behind me. Something I only later realised was that the sunset coincided with the local rush time. (why is there suddenly so many people? haha).

I love letting loose and go with the moment. To catch these little frames of time and making them special. We did not know if these photos would turn out good, (I didn't even look in the mirror before leaving) but it was so worth to try. There were many outfit posts we planned before that did not work as well. 

When in doubt, try. It might work and it might not. But at least you tried. Don't stress it in the thinking, and don't leave it for another day, catch the rush and work with what you have. It is by noticing the opportunities and going with the flow, that you will eventually be successful in your pursuit. Most of the success is intended but is not planned, so take whatever comes and make the most of it. 

About the look, the lace top was just on top of the sofa. Jeans go with anything, so why not, haven't worn jeans for months now. My feet were hurting, so converse it is. Ah, and the scarf and hat, were just by the lace top. I had been shopping, what a good time to try everything on.

See you soon.

Lace Top: Zara (similar• Skinny Jeans: Similar here and here • Print Scarf: Zara (similar) • Wide Raffia Hat: Zara (similar) • Triangle Choker: Mango (similar• Cork Bracelet: Cork & Co • All Star Sneakers: Converse