Delighted with everything new in my closet this week! Sale season is such a good way to give ourselves a treat every now and then. Although I don’t always shop during the sale, I try to keep an eye on the brands I would like to grab something from, during the season, if they happen to have something I like, I will order. However, I have to admit that shopping for sales online can be quite stressful. If you’re not quick enough products get sold out. At the same time, some will be at a lower price if you wait a bit more, the tricky part is that you will never know until it is too late. (boo!) And if you are like me, you will be crossing your fingers for that IT bag to join the party so that you have an excuse to shop for the most stunning handbag that technically you don’t need. Perhaps we can agree that we shop for many reasons and necessity is just one of them. haha :)

About the look, today I am wearing this open back sunflower summer dress from Motel Rocks. If you’ve been following on Snapchat and Instagram, you know that the brand sent the dress for me to share it with you. It was not easy to pick something as they have so much available that is perfect for Summer. The back is so elegant and allows you to wear it more fitted or loose, depending on how you prefer.
I decided to wear it with my latest acquisitions - the leather and suede Jane bag from Chloe and the super high, lace up sandals from Sam Edelman. This bag is stunning, and the shoes are to die for! I will be sharing more looks with both of them soon.

Thank you for reading.

Backless Dress: Motel Rocks • Suede Shoulder Bag: Chloé • Platform Sandals: Sam Edelman • Braided Bracelets: Similar here and here

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In collaboration with Motel Rocks