Couldn't hardly be more pleased with a red carpet look on a hot Summer (felt) day. I was so not expecting for this dress to fit as nicely as it did. The fabric was so heavy and abundant that made it fall gracefully down the floor. The cut on the neckline just made it even more flattering. 

I have to admit that my love for the expensive things in life has always been there, but you really can achieve that look or mood without spending much. Some people would find it hard to believe that a dress from Asos would look this good. Styling an elegant maxi dress minimally, in a way you can still feel comfortable, will keep you confident throughout any event. What makes a dress perfect for me is half about how it looks and half about how it feels. And if it wasn't for the wind, this one would have been a perfect ten!

About the look, a big pair of earrings which are quite on trend at the moment, would have looked just as good (I might try that next time, if I find the right pair). But because I wasn't feeling the earrings, there's this thing I do, I like to buy hair chain/pieces for multiple proposes, not only you get to wear them in you hair, as you can wear them in your neck. And this one is just perfect for that, I wore it a while ago in my hair in the Dolce Vita look, and a while after that as a long necklace in the Palm Springs look. For shoes I went with as high as possible, as you can't really see them. 

Yellow Dress: Asos • Rhinestone Headchain: Rock N' Rose • Black Heels: Gianvito Rossi • Statement Cuffs: Similar here and here

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