DAILY STYLE: Airport & No Sleep

Although I've been thinking about coming back to London for a while, the final decision was somewhat taken out of impulse, with last minute packing and a few things to sort out before leaving. Spending so many hours at the airports, it is crucial for me to wear something comfortable and somewhat basic. This outfit was perfect for it. I was not expecting it to be so hot in London, so I ended up not wearing my suede jacket.
Wearing something loose on top with black skinny leggings never fails to me as it can work under different weathers and circumstances. I'd usually wear trainers, but I had my converse dry cleaning so I couldn't bring them with me yet. Since these boots matched the jacket and the weather I was expecting, I decided to wear them instead. Because they are so easy to put on, it was quick to pass through security at the airport. The one thing I do regret is forgetting to take my makeup wipes with me. Being so many hours with makeup on was not so pleasant and made me breakout a bit. When I finally got in the Uber I knew I would fall a sleep the moment I reach the bed.