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Meant to share this one a long time ago, but been so busy and quite frankly distracted that only now I actually remembered I had this look somewhere on my phone. The things our phones can do nowadays, I can tell you that this parking lot had absolute no light compared to what you see in these photos. I meant to share a lot more, but time is money and we need to spend it wisely.

Only after seeing these photos I realised that my look seems either that I have the longest thigh-high boots or have a thing for latex (it's real leather - boots leggings, jacket) or even that I was going for a cat woman undercover. 

Either of them sound cool enough to make me repeat this over and over again.. if it wasn't that I have more clothes than I could possibly wear them all judging by the times I go out. I go out for the gym everyday, and coffee - essentials and everything. But other from that I will be rocking my confiest leggings and cosiest oversized jumper with some nice socks because cold is really not for me. And when I do go out, I feel like I enjoy it more. So many new clothes to wear. 

I remember beeing a kid and thinking how cool would it be to receive random gifts on the mail, never imagined that would eventually happen, I remember thinking. "Well The Secret says nothing is impossible, right?" and seems it was right. I somehow find it easy to imagine things happening with no reason and in fun ways than the most obvious. And believe me as much as this is obvious now, when I was about 7 gifts only meant Christmas and Birthdays.

I wanted to start making giveaways because keeping it all is starting to be a trouble. Some of you know that I try to sell as much as I can online but things don't sell as quick as they come in, so I'm thinking I could pick the best ones and make this sort of giveaway kits every month that you could win by checking in a tracker or something like that. I like the idea of paying forward and giving randomly. I am not one to keep things accumulating or even over use. Most things I receive I take a photo with them and never touch them again. And here's what you don't know - some things I don't even take photo! - So many things turn up in the wrong size, or simply really bad quality.

About the look, I already told you.. cat woman! Haha. It is easier to explain if I take you back to that "darker phase" I go every Winter, (read about it here). My description is a bit overdramatic, but my style does shift every Winter in a very extreme way. I need find myself in the middle of the cold! haha

Thanks for stopping by! :) 

Black Leather Jacket: Dezzal (Similar here)
Blue Sequin Top: Zara (Similar here and here)
Black Leather Pants: Helmut Lang (Similar here and here)
Rhinestone Choker: Similar here and here
Ankle Boots: Similar here and here

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