Finally welcoming Spring, and changing up my mind about plans! So here's a quick update.

We were initially planning to move back to London. After a while under the sun it seemed that we were missing the cold and the rhythm of the big city. But after visiting Paris, we came back to this Island. Coming off the airplane everything just felt right. I am the California type, so being here is a constant reminder of Summer, holidays and anything tropical. Plus, the place we live here is so central and near everything, and if you follow me on snapchat you know how modern and beautiful it is. So we gave it a week or two to consider whether to stay or go, and we ended up deciding to stay for a while more.

I am definitely the Summer type. I've been dreaming about California since I can remember. I always waited for Summer to come around like kids wait for Santa. I'd walk around the house in a bikini pretty much all day long, even if we weren't going to the beach. I am almost sure I even went to sleep sometimes in some kind of swimwear. I tan quickly considering how fair my skin is, and if you've read Barefoot Adventures, you already know that growing up I used to walk around barefoot more often than not!

About the look, yellow has quickly grown to become a favourite in my wardrobe for this season. Feels so right to pair this coat with white. The stripes are huge right know, so I pulled these shorts out of my closet. Although they are a bit big, they looked good enough! So you can expect to see me on Snapchat wearing these a lot this season. 

Yellow Coat: Zara (similar• Cotton T-Shirt: Similar here and here • Striped Shorts: J.Crew • Laser Cut Heels: Missguided (similar)

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