Finally found some time to share with you another look. When it comes to sharing my personal style, I've been trying to focus more on Instagram and even Facebook and Twitter as I know it's a lot easier to catch up on. However we all love a nice outfit post coming together where you don't have to search for all the pictures or wait to see everything and get your hands on the clothing!

And for me, I get to share more!
I wouldn't say I've been absent here, but the outfit posts definitely slowed down in the past couple months. For those of you wondering what we've been up to, I will be sharing that with you today.

Something that did not help me to stay connected, (whether it was online or outside), was definitely the rush of acne that took over the down half of my face right after Paris Fashion Week. This made wearing makeup completely impossible, and therefore I started sharing less with you. I've been doing all sort of things that I was dying to share, but I simply think that it is not the same with my skin like this. Thankfully it is getting a lot better now, and I can't wait to share with you all the tricks!

That certainly doesn't explain everything so here's the big thing, I have been filming some youtube videos for you (and wow! editing videos does take up your time!). And in the meanwhile Pedro is now in London while I keep travelling back and forth. It's not easy to balance things out when you are trying to do everything haha, but I certainly cannot complain! Couldn't be happier with how things are turning out! We are getting to work with many brands that I love such as Christian Paul. You wouldn't believe the amount of compliments I got on this watch. 

It would be great to know what do you want me to share more about, if you would rather having all the trends coming out every week or so, or if you prefer the outfits. If you are facing any life issues at the moment perhaps I can cover in the Motivation section. I have received a few requests by e-mail and I can honestly tell that this is way more fun when you participate as I get to know you as well!

About the look, playing with Fall Winter trends under this hot weather is by far one of the most enjoyable games I get to play this season. My new sunglasses are from Asos, and the silver t-shirt is from Zara. Because it was so hot I went with casual white shorts. Quite simple, yet the metallics really brought the look to life.

T-Shirt: Zara • Shorts: Current/Elliot • Sunglasses: Asos • Watch: Christian Paul • Marble Bracelet: Christian Paul