And we are almost half way through June, the time is flying! I've been so emerged on creating new content and working out for that Summer body, if it wasn't for those impulsive decisions we make on the last second, I am not sure I'd survive to all of it! Good news, that impulsive side of me thought that my future (next week) self would certainly make the most of a weekend by the beach. So tomorrow we will be on a big cruise ship visiting a golden island. I will be snapchat-ing while I am there, in case you want to keep up with everything instead of waiting for every new post, you can watch me there, my username is silveristic.

About the look, I find myself letting all the different cultures of the places I go, or have been, influence my style. The identity of each city hanging in my closet gives me so much inspiration, the lace trims the colours, the details. It's like a classic/exotic melody to my eyes. This look in particular made me feel so comfortable, the light fabric of the dress from Moon River is so fresh! It is definitely more summery than the other one. I decided to go with my usual wedges as they are quite comfortable to walk all day and go so well with the Faye handbag from Chloe. I have no other excuse to carry such a big handbag on such day (haha) than really loving it that much. :)

Lace Dress: Moon River (similar• Faye Bag: Chloé • Cork Bracelet: Cork & Co • Roman Wedges: Massimo Dutti (similar)