Each week, this moment, right know, is one that I appreciate the most. There is so much that goes into what we do, that the moment we share another look it feels like adding another tree to our garden, another painting to our museum, like another pair of shoes to my carefully curated closet. More than looking into everyone's reaction, comments, and opinions, we love knowing that we love what we do. 

It's interesting since it has been a constant evolution of the mixture of our skills, we have learned so much so fast. I believe that when you love what you do, and you are confident in your decisions, never afraid to fail. You fail, you learn and you grow. Perhaps that is why going back on our looks is so interesting. It is never the same thing! 

Yesterday I unboxed a pile of big boxes of things that accumulated over the week. I just can't help to feel fortunate to live this stage. We spent the afternoon photographing different pieces that I picked from different brands, to show you. I really like them. When I say that I can't wait for you to see the next look, I truly mean it! It went through so much thinking from the very first step to the final one, where I share it with you.

 I feel it is easy sometimes to be so focused on to what is next, that we forget to look around and appreciate the current stage. Things are so much better for us now than even a couple months ago. Remembering to be grateful is crucial. It's like skipping the movie to the end, I don't want that, I want to live the full story, and have the courage to go through the ups and downs and stay strong and happy through all of it. I want to cry when I am sad and laugh out loud when I am happy. I want to fall in love with people, places, and even things, to miss them and to let them go when it's time. I guess sometimes we are afraid to live fully and to go through emotions, we don't want to be hurt, or to suffer, but the truth is that courage will keep us going. If we are strong enough to be this vulnerable we can only live an amazing life.

About the look, I am wearing on of the season's favourite, light denim, button up, high waisted skirt. It's perfect. Goes with almost anything. So easy and so elegant. Since we were on holidays I picked this white crochet top. It fitted beautifully and was perfect for the weather. The shoe choice was simply based on comfort and colour, I took no other shoes on these holidays, and they really matched everything I wore that weekend. To give it a bit more elegance, I went with one of my favourite chokers that I got from Mango a while ago.

Thank you for reading.

Lace Top: Pull & Bear (similar• Button-up Skirt: Stradivarius (similar• Triangle Choker: Mango (similar• White Sliders: Birkenstock

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