It seems that we are finally starting to get the hang of posting every two days. The rhythm of fashion week certainly did us good. I have to admit that it is even more entertaining for myself as I not only get to share more often what I am wearing as I can actually write less and tell more.

Last time you saw me in this skirt, I was surrounded by palm trees, wearing my Valentino. Took it to Paris to wear it there, but it didn't look right. I decided to give it a bit more thought and make it look something other than feminine and classic (old). Styling a piece like this one and make it look casual and modern can be tricky, the colour itself kept giving me a resemblance to russian dances and culture, and when not, it simply didn't look flattering. So I decided to pick on my love for all things medieval and take a different approach to it, owning the colour and making it casual on a casual walk around the Villa.

The idea of changing the nature of a clothing piece and what it represents at first can be so interesting (and entertaining), looking for all perspectives and trying to bring it as close as possible to your style, and making it blend perfectly, is such a nice feeling. You can take on trends and make them more yourself, instead of changing your looks each season according to what is trending. I like to think of myself as a part of the total look, that can change and represent something a bit different in the look, according to what I am going for. But always remaining as close as possible to my style. 

Pleated Skirt: Zara (similar• Green T-Shirt Dress: Asos • Leather Tote: Michael Kors • Roman Wedges: Massimo Dutti (similar)

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