1. Narrow your mind

To begin with, if you’re going somewhere with your life you need to know where it is. The worst thing when traveling is loosing your time with maps and not knowing the streets. It can stress you out and it can take all your energy. If you know where you’re going you will be ready, the more you know about the place and conditions the more prepared you’ll be.

2. Attention please!

Ok this one is easy, if there’s a lot going on around the subject that matters to your success, pay attention, it could be something on the internet or a casual conversation on the streets, it doesn’t matter. If you have your own company or if your job involves taking big decisions, it’s always good to hear what the clients are thinking, and there’s a million ways to to listen to them, most of them will make sure they share. 

3. Time is money

We all have heard it before, the thing you spend the most of your time doing is the one you will get more results. That doesn’t mean you should do things slowly of course, it means that if you spend most of your day procrastinating than getting things done you will probably not be happy with the results. If you have to do something, do it now, get it out of your mind. Work when nobody is, and you’re already ahead.

4. Know yourself

Looking at what others are doing can be a great way of getting inspired but it can get tricky, it is likely to lead to comparison and it will most probably bring you down. You know you’re not as tall as Karlie Kloss, feeling worthless because of that is just ridiculous. You may not be as good as J.K. Rowling when it comes to writing but you do have skills that together can create something amazing, maybe you don’t know what it is yet, maybe you need to develop them more, but if you insist in getting to know yourself enough you will know exactly what works for you.

5. Self worth

You are as good as you believe you are, you can spend your life saying that you can’t do push ups or you can try again and again till you gain enough strength to do them. Same happens with everything else, don’t sell yourself the wrong way, spreading your faults as if you were preparing people in case you fail is not a way to success, I assure you. There’s nothing as bad as hearing someone speaking badly about themselves. You should be selling your best features and skills, and if you know yourself enough you will do amazingly on this one. This doesn’t mean you need to brag, but making little references about little things now and then will create your brand. People will always remember you whenever they hear/see something that connects with what you keep repeating, and you know that when you’re shopping and you see something that your best friend would love. Let people know you just enough to remind of you.

6. Do not complain

You can not stand it when other people do it, so why would you? Complaining will never make things better so quit it. Whenever you want to start on a subject make the one rule it should be about something great. Even if it seems like your life is better than it is at that moment it doesn’t matter, you’re not fooling anyone, you’re just making the conversation more interesting and selling yourself the good way. Most importantly you will inevitably get more of the good stuff if you keep talking about it. Get a Brag Journal and write on it all that there is in your life to brag. You’ll be surprised with the amount of things that there is.

7. Upgrade your tools

You need to know your weakest skills and work on them, make it as pleasurable as you can, find a game, do it with a friend or change your perspective on it to make it easier. If you really need that skill do that effort, and once you do things will get easier and you will have one more thing to write down in that Brag Journal.

8. Be prepared

We cannot predict the future, but if you are applying to a job that pays more but will be a challenge to you, the minimum you can do is to prepare yourself as much as you can. There is a world of information online, a few days searching and you’ll learn a bunch! This goes for anything, any challenge will be way more easier if you are prepared. There is nothing like being ready when opportunities arise. Wanting things and not getting ready for them is like ordering food at the restaurant and leaving. You simply don’t expect the waiter to follow you home with your grilled salmon fillet, do you?

See you in the next week!