It's a sunny Sunday here in Andorra, the Pyrenees are far from freezing my feet! As I'm writing to you, my feet are turned to the balcony where the sun passes through the door-window and keeps me at a good temperature. 

Excited to share this week's look as it has some particularities on it. If you jumped right to the outfit links to see where the skirt is from you probably already noticed it is not a skirt, it's a dress! Had this one hanging in my closet for a while but never really wore it. If you have a similar one with long sleeves, give it a knot on the back with the sleeves, make it look clean by knotting it vertically instead of horizontally so that one sleeve falls over the other. Adjust the length with the buttons, the more you open the shorter the skirt.

Another thing I tried to do here was to pick up brands I found that were not necessarily trend or online focused. Took this idea one day when a friend told me that she couldn't dress as good because the stores around had nothing modern to offer. It was not the first time I heard it sound appropriate to give it a shot. 

If I had bought these leather pieces in a more trendy reachable store they would have been more expensive, but because that investment wasn't made by the brand owners we (the consumers) can get them for much cheaper!

So taking it from here, I knew exactly what the person should look when shopping in a place that offers fewer options in terms of style. The trick to looking modern is to look for timeless pieces! Even if they've been sitting on that store in the corner for a while it doesn't matter, if the material is good you will wear it for another five years or more and still look modern. Not only you're dressing nicer but you're also looking for the right thing, quality! 

Some good things to invest that are timeless is a white shirt (of course!) denim and leather! Keep things basic, let the styling be the salt and pepper. 

See you next week.

Denim Shirt Dress: Asos • Leather Jacket: Jus d'Orange (similar here and here) • Leather Boots: Piccadilly Footwear (similar) • Leather Bag: Massimo Dutti (similar here and here• Shirt with tie: Stradivarius

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