As some of you already know, I've been dwelling on whether to go back to London for a while or to continue under the palm trees enjoying the sound. Might sound like an easy choice, but it is perhaps why I haven't made up my mind. There are so many pros and cons on both sides that make it both good choices despite the super opposite outcomes.

If I was back in London I'd be able to take many more partnerships from the different brands that contact me. However I can easily think that is not why I started Silver Girl anyways, and if i want to show you something, I can always buy it myself, which is what I most often do. However, there are many more advantages in being in such central place in Europe where the economy is good and you could practically travel to any place in the world for a fair price. Despite that, I've been dwelling in weather to keep going to Fashion Weeks, and stay in a city, or go all the way and travel the world, leaving the luxury behind and immersing myself in an adventure of culture through Thailand, New Zealand, and Morocco. 

There are two sides of me both pushing different ways and I find myself stuck in the middle. One sounds definitely more adventurous and gives me butterflies in the stomach. But also makes me fear who I'll become after that, feels like jumping off a cliff, (but what a view..). The other sounds like finally getting everything together and joining the party everyone's at (even though that is not quite true) sounds safe although still a bit challenging, and also much easier to put into practice. Although London is easier for me, it feels to me like I was born to be under the sun, with my feet on the ground like in my barefoot adventures, surrounded by nature feeling connected. And what a delight to share that experience with you. 

Who knows if that doesn't happen sooner than we're expecting. Whatever I decided, I know it will be a good decision. Till then, I'll be in the middle. Any opinions are welcome and are likely to help me make up my mind although at the end I will look to follow my instinct and what is promptly possible and available.

About the look, I partnered up with House of Fraser to show you the beautiful collection of occasion hats, created in collaboration with Vivian Sheriff and Biba. I picked the Biba Jerry Lace And Coil Trim Hat in Champagne colour. However, by mistake, they sent me in the wrong colour. I had planned to make a much more travel look with white crochet and beautiful Summer sandals. Wearing a black hat on Summer seemed like something rather odd to do. However, I took the challenge and decided to style it in the only way I would wear it - fresh and young. It's so easy to look heavy and old with a black hat during Summer. The trick to keeping it young was to show more skin and keep it fitted. At the same time, I wanted to maintain the elegance without going overboard, so I went with a less fitted skirt and heels that had just arrived. They happened to be perfect to finish off the look. Wearing the bag crossed and keeping the hat a bit behind my head, not hiding my face, were also small hints that contributed to making the look more young and casual. At the end, it felt more like me and perfect for this kind of event.

Thank you for reading. 

Lace & Coil Trim Hat: Biba Jerry (House of Fraser) Dionysus Bag: GucciBodysuit: Club L • Jacquard Skirt: Zara (similar) • Slingback Bow Heels: Zara (similar)

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In collaboration with House of Fraser