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It's Tuesday afternoon, I am sitting on a sofa pillow by the window (yes, I took that big pillow part of the sofa and placed it beautifully on top of the carpet! I love how it matches the wooden floor).
The window is half open, the air coming in is super warm and because it is a main street, it is actually super noisy. Which to be honest I don't really mind, it gives the sense of activity and rhythm. I love feeling that I am half outside, half inside, balconies, gardens, yards and terraces are likely the best places to work on a computer. Spending so many hours looking at a screen in a room where nothing is happening can be so depressing. I feel that coffee shops can be stressful, and discomfortable sometimes even distracting. Plus, making the most of this weather seems crucial to keep up the energy and mood! I've been sleeping so little these days, I am working on so many things, and most of it I can't actually share with you just yet, but once everything is set, I will share more about it with you.

This is probably my 3rd look here wearing pink. I went through the "Barbie-obsessed" phase when I was younger, I had this trolley bag that when you'd open it would be the entire Barbie house, I loved it. But I haven't worn much pink in these last.. 2 years? However, I started to become a little obsessed with it again recently.
Rose Quartz is the colour of the year, meaning that I am likely not alone in my obsession. I have also been wearing bodysuits and chokers almost on a daily basis, they quickly became 'basics' in my wardrobe, I have them in different sizes, materials, and colours. 

About the look, I recently found this wrap velvet skirt while scrolling on Asos. I knew it would look good with a bodysuit. If you think about it, it is a clever, transformation of a swimsuit and towel/bandeau when by the beach. Anything that connects me to Summer I will be easily drawn by. I decided to wear it with the Gucci Blooms and the Kenzo bag for a nice day walking around the city. I happened to find a velvet choker that matched the skirt perfectly. It is such an easy look to wear, and the skirt can be easily adjusted if you choose to switch between high to low waist. 

Let me know what colour have you been obsessed with lately!

Grey Bodysuit: Asos • Velvet Skirt: Asos • Blooms Pumps: Gucci  • Golden Bracelet: H.Samuel (similar• Kalifornia Wallet: Kenzo • Velvet Choker: Asos  

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