The ballet trend has been around for a while now, from ballet shoes to tutus from Zara to Asos to Net-a-Porter. It is really everywhere, so I couldn't help to be inspired be inspired.
I am not the ballerina-shoe type of person, but I had this black peplum dress hanging in my closet that sort of reminded me of the tutus, I've been wanting to wear it for a while, but peplum is so 2010.. so I gave it a twist. This t-shirt was calling for me at Stradivarius, there's really no other wat to put it. It looks so good under different lights, and I had so many ideas on how to wear it, so I had to take it with me. 
So these two eneded up hanging in my wardrobe side to side, as I wore the clothing that was in between then (sounds like they were meant to be.. or cheesy, but it happened!) so when I opened my closet I was like " a-ha!" and threw them in my bed and started addring some accessories. I don't keep all shoes in one place, (the downs of travelling so often) but I had these mules with me that with some lace from my gucci purchase, essembled the perfect non-matching lace-ups. Not so doable on a day-to-day but considering it was FNO it sort of gave the outfit that final touch.
I feel that explaining the choice of the Kalifornia here is like questioning the morning sun, it enhances the rock vibe of the look so well that otherwise wouldn't make sense.

What do you think, would you wear this look?

Sheer Metallic Top: Stradivarius
Black Bodycon Sleeveless Top: (similar)
Grey Kalifornia Shoulder Bag: Kenzo
Black High Leather Mules: (similar here and here)
Gold n' Leather Chain Bracelet: (similar)