I was just about to share this post last Friday but then I thought "hey, this website needs an update!" so that is what we have been working on throughout the weekend. I am so happy with the new updates with the sidebar and the new Daily section. I find myself always opening it now! haha If you have any suggestions on how we could make it better, leave them bellow, we might make it happen!

Although I am sharing more with the Daily posts, I wanted to update you with my back-in-London experience. The first thing I noticed is how hot it has become! Puts global warming in a very serious perspective, something we can't ignore when an evening in London feels like you're still on holidays in Havana. Hot weather is proven to lower productivity, so it is something that is likely to affect the city directly. Walking through City of London seeing every man in a full suit feels somewhat suffocating. And I heard that the Central Line is so unbearable to a point some people have fainted in there. (it gets really full, and way too hot) Now on another note, I started discovering some emerging brands since I got here that I will be sharing more about with you soon! 

About the look, I love to wear leather leggings in Winter, they keep me warmer than the usual pair of jeans. It's something that is usually flattering and goes perfectly with any long top, and black high boots. I wore my favourite pair to Paris Fashion Week almost under everything! You can see them better in this outfit. Unfortunately, those are not looking as new, so I am on a hunt for a replacement. The thing is that I bought them a long time ago and I am not sure how close I'll be able to get to that design. I got these from Asos for the meanwhile. Although they have a good fit, they are not as warm and tight as the other, and the print is still a bit off.
Since I was walking around the city, I went with something comfortable but still stylish. A khaki satin top, black leather boots,  and the Armani bag to carry everything I needed. To finish it off, I added my favourite choker making the look a bit more "I'm with the band" sort of thing. 

Satin Cami Top: Asos • Black Tote Bag: Armani Jeans • Leather Croc Leggings: Asos • Leather Choker: Urban Outfitters (similar• Leather Boots: Massimo Dutti (Similar here and here• Golden Bracelet: H.Samuel (Similar here and here)  

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