As much as I love to work with brands, I have to say that I have a soft spot for Sweaty Betty. Ever since I tried their workout clothing for the first time I have been raving about the brand to everyone. You probably remember when I talked about the brand here and here a while ago.

These Urdhva leggings are super comfortable and flattering to the waistline. These are a brand new design from the leggings, I showed them previously in blue in here. They are reversible meaning you can turn them inside out and have them in black. It is very practical as sometimes your workout top might not go with the print so well. 

Although they are yoga leggings, I love running with them. I find them perfect for warm running, that helps you sweat more and therefore burn more body fat and stay lean. They also seem to be perfect for outdoor running as they will keep you warm whether it is an early morning run or a late night walk. Other from that, I would guess they are super perfect for yoga, I tried doing some yoga positions the first time I got the Urdhva (the blue ones) and they were quite faltering and super comfortable.

Let me know if you ever tried the Urdhva leggings, or something from Sweaty Betty and how do you feel about the brand. 

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Thank you for reading. :)

UltraRun Sports Bra: Sweaty Betty • Urdhva Reversible Leggings: Sweaty Betty • Running Shoes: Nike

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In collaboration with Sweaty Betty