It's a beautiful sunny day outside, and I just got back from some holiday shopping with my mom and my youngest brother. He arrived today. I made sure to get a few things for some future looks as well. Picked a timeless piece as a birthday gift from my mom. She spent the entire week asking me what I wanted for Christmas, but I honestly couldn't think of anything.

I have to confess that the doses of chocolate have raised since December came along. I don't know what's with me, but I can easily skip a meal and take a few squares of chocolate out of the freezer and let them melt as if it was candy. And I can easily go back to it when having lemon tea in a late afternoon. You can say that I have finally got used to this hot-holiday thing. After all I was born in July, leo's are more than ready to handle the hot sunny days.

About the look, this time pairing the Sisley culottes with one of the most beautiful blouses from Ana Sousa. The design in the front changes colour when it hits the light, so it goes from light beige to blue, as easy as going outside, even though you can't really tell by the photos. Found this scarf hiding in my mom's closet, she had probably forgotten about it, she has more clothes than she will ever be able to wear. I am not kidding. 

I hope you are enjoying the holidays, I've been feeling very happy lately. I just love letting the holiday spirit take over and fill me with good things. It's almost 6pm and my eyes are blinking each word I type, so sleepy! Time for coffee now, before heading to the gym. And latter on, going out for dinner with the family. The countdown has started.. 9 day till Christmas.

See you sooner. 

Red Tote: DKNY (similar Michael KorsGucci and Saint Laurent• Red Scarf: Pierre Cardin (similar here and here) • Beige Blouse: Ana Sousa (similar• Pattern Culottes: Sisley • Red Heels: Rebeca Sanver (similar here and here)

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