Can we just stop to appreciate how this outfit feels so right? I am literally obsessed with this scarf, (and all sort of bandanas) at the moment, they are so versatile! You will definitely see me wearing bandanas and scarves like this one a lot this season!

Sometimes were so caught up in a mental routine that we forget to make significant choices to move things forward when we're on this wheel of next obvious thing to do. I really don't like the idea of robotizing the human to think and behave in a standard and dull way. I'm all for the future, let's get those robots in the big corporations, shops and what not and bring in the universal basic income or whatever is found to keep everyone working on their own thing. We shouldn't want to lose our time, nor our 'community's time. We're humans, we are supposed to have ideas and to think out of what already is. How many lives will be wasted in boring, mechanic, repetitive jobs? Only when we are forced to spend time alone and think of OUR legacy and OUR blueprint- how will your life impact life as we know it, how will it be better for who comes after you? This sort of thing is seen as optional but if we were all raised like this, the world would be a lot different now. I definitely think that we millennials are moving in that direction, with distinct personalities, expanding minds, making daring choices, actually owning who we are. We are a lot more courageous and adventurous, our mindset that lights up day in day out manages to keep us as a whole constantly inspired.

About the look, I mean, do you even need this? Leather pants, white tee and silk scarf - If I was forced to wear the same clothes the entire season this would be it. (you don't hear me say this very often!). The Rockabilly, James Dean, motocross, racer, rockstar vibe is shining a light in my closet, and I am playing with it so bad. It's one of those moods that people actually comment on A LOT although the girly girl always gets first place -  what can I say, can't do it if I am not feeling it.


Burgundy Silk Pattern Bandana Scarf: Asos (similar)
Basic White T-Shirt: Zara (similar)
Leather Leggings: Helmut Lang (similar)
Grey Kalifornia Shoulder Bag: Kenzo (similar)
Black Leather Boots (similar)
Golden Chain & Black Leather Bracelet (similar)