Uf! Long time no see, right? Or maybe you're on Instagram and you hear from me everyday.. It's no secret that these long posts do take more effort to put together than a casual Instagram post. (but they look so good, right?) I wish I could snap my fingers and get these up the moment I look at the photos, that and teleport.

We are so used to getting everything instantly that walking 15min feels like crossing the great city, and 3 hours on the airplane feels like.. flying to Mumbai. Well this time we flew to Paris. It's said that Paris is always a good idea, but after staying there over 20 days, I am sure to say that France has much more to offer than the city of lights. (or should I say, La Ville-Lumière?)

With this in mind, we are planning now our next trip to Nice, Villefranche Sur Mer, Monaco and maybe Canes. You know, the CΓ΄te d'Azur/French Riviera thing. It will be so exciting, we are now getting the hang of video and planning more things around travelling, so it should be exciting to see what comes out of that!

About the look, I wore this outfit on the very last day of Paris Fashion Week, last October. The time we also decided to take a break from fashion events and travel more. Nowadays we get a much better (less stressful) experience if we watch everything online in the comfort of our hotels in, lets say, Monaco! As much as we are grateful for every invite that is sent to attend events in every city (but mainly Paris) we are taking a different turn this year to be young as we are and have more fun between culture and sun.

So last fashion week I put together this capsule-10-day-wardrobe. It had to be comfortable, and very me. This look was one of my favourites. I decided to wear workout leggings with leather and a white tee. In this particular time  I was super into the whole James Dean thing.(I know it's only been a few months, but I am already slightly a bit over that) Anyways, wearing neck scarves as bandanas is one of my obsessions, I love this one in particular because it is so big. It’s already sold out but I found some cool similar ones that you might like.

See you soon!