I remember being around 6 or 7 and thinking that one day I'd like to have a big land with lots of people working on farm production (fruits, vegetables). I'd have horses, and ride my own across the land that was mine, sit under a huge tree to read or think about life.

What would make my younger-self want such thing? I was raised by my grandma when my parents were working on a business they were starting at the time. I remember looking at my grandma, not as an old person, not even her friends! Since I had never seen them any younger, I simply assumed it was who they were and how they always looked. (Imagine my face when my mom showed me a picture of my grandma in her 40s! I couldn't believe her age!). My grandma wasn't so much the passive/tv-watching type, in fact, she did not care about it that much. All she wanted was to take care of her own lands and watch over every single thing that she had planted over time. It takes such patience and timing. I remember thinking, how would it be possible for everything to flourish and grow so healthy? She knew exactly where to plant a fruit tree in order for it to grow healthy and last for years, providing for the family. 

Although I changed my perspective towards what I want for my future, I am forever blessed to have been raised in such environment, where the real taste of pure organic fruits, vegetables and legumes was the only thing I knew. Although I was never into farming and gardening (most likely because I am too impatient and fast paced) I know that it is likely to become a hobby in my elder years (when I pass the 60's/70's). More so when I consider that finding organic food is becoming more and more difficult and understanding if it is 100% organic can be also quite challenging. 

About the look, we went off for a picnic with friends so I decided to take something comfortable to wear under the sun. This skirt is probably one of my most-worn pieces. If a piece fits perfectly and goes with a lot, I am most likely to keep it for years and wear it over and over again! This top is all over the internet, if you don't have one or haven't seen anyone wearing it, you might start to notice now. The blouse is from Zara, which explains half of it since there is a Zara in almost every corner of the world now. Part of the reason can also be how huge the off shoulder trend is, however, the fact that the sleeve is separated from the top (when you raise your hands it won't come up and show your belly) is likely to be the reason why we all picked this one instead of another one. It is no doubt very summery and fresh and can be styled in many different ways. To finish off the look, I took my new hat from French Connection, to stay off the sun, and some super comfortable sandals. 

Thank you for reading.

Boater Hat: French Connection (similar• Off-Shoulder Top: Zara (similar• Dionysus Bag: Gucci • Khaki Skirt: Similar here and here • Golden Cuff: Similar here and here

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