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Writing from Nice (France) today as I finally find some time to sit down and share one of my favorite looks! 

The weather is so not how we initially expected when first deciding to come. I wanted to wear bikinis and summer dresses (that I still decided to pack - I'm such an optimist) however, I've been wearing my denim jacket much more than the casual airport look.

Yesterday we went to Monaco - I love it every time! We spent the entire day there and by the time we were leaving I was already looking forward to going back. The buildings and the streets are SO stunning, it's that kind of place that you have a photo pretty much everywhere you turn, mostly in the "old town" - that looks nothing but new! We also took a little tour around the yachts, and ate this ginormous pizza with truffle cream, creme fraiche and coppa di parma! I might be feeling a little guilty of that last one haha but it was so good!

Tomorrow we are headed to Canes to explore the city and it's nearby baby island Ile Sinte-Marguerite! I'm really excited about it, the weather is predicting lots of sunshine and absolute no rain!

About the look, I am wearing my favourite Tommy Hilfiger sweater! Super warm and cosy with this soft interior fabric that makes you want to wear it every single day. Leather pants need no comments at this point, it basically matches the TOMMY in the shirt as much as my personal taste at the moment. The jacket was a new wave for me, I don't usually turn to bomber jackets, also the reason why I didn't fill my closet with several ones in different colours when they first started to become trendy. I'd rather wear something straight than puffed, if you know what I mean. However, the fitting of this one, since I got it oversized, was a lot different, and I ended up loving it a lot more. This colour is huge at the moment and I can see it working throughout the next two fashion seasons quite easily. 

I am now vlogging my days, it takes me a bit longer to edit but time and practice makes quick and perfect, and soon enough I'll be able to catch up more effectively. Until then you're welcome to watch the first ones and leave your opinion! 

What's the one place you've been dying to visit lately? See you soon!

Oversized Jacket: Adidas Originals
White Jumper: Tommy Hilfiger
Leather Leggings: Helmut Lang (similar)
Leather Boots: Paul Smith (similar)

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