Day 5 was probably one of my favorite days (right after day 6). The day started with Diogo Miranda at Galerie Mansart and ended with Talbot Runholf at the Palais des Beaux-Arts. 

Diogo Miranda had a very Portuguese ambient, with an elegant easy-to-wear collection. Later on, we had Rahul Mishra at Palais de Tokyo 30min apart from Talbot Runholf's show. Since it was taking too long to start, we decided to leave, heading to Talbot Runholf.

I have to admit that I never thought we would actually be on time. We missed the backstage, but still, leaving Palais de Tokyo at the time the show would supposably start, something that would take about 15min, took 7min. We called Uber as usual but this time, since we were so late I told the driver to go as fast as he could, and that was exactly what he did. It was incredible, he did everything to get us there on time, passing reds and taking the buses lanes whenever possible. 

At Talbot the ambient was very German, I was very pleased to sit on the second row, with a much better view to the runway than I initially expected. The collection presented beautiful shiny gowns, but the cut-out reds were the ones who really caught my eye. It was one of my favorite shows to attend during Fashion Week.

About the look, for all the animal lovers let me just state that the fur is faux.
I planned all my fashion week looks before coming, however, I ended up finding myself wanting to dress a bit more casual since not only days could end up being longer than expected (and it is always nice to walk around the city for a bit) as the weather was not as good as I initially imagined (you see, me and cold don't get along pretty well, I'll be under a blanket looking like an eskimo, if it goes anything below 15 degrees). 

Deconstructed Coat: Zara (similar• Striped Shirt: Asos • Black Handbag: Armani Jeans (similar) • Faux Fur Vest: Zara (similar• Leather Leggings: Helmut Lang (similar) • Ankle Boots: Massimo Dutti (similar

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