It was my second day in Paris, and I was more than ready to get my Valentino shoes out (after making sure that it would not rain that day). I was expecting to get my feet killed after one or two hours, but surprisingly these held comfortably for longer, making it easier to cross the Place de la Concorde between shows. In the afternoon I changed my outfit to Look #4. 

I also wore this outfit on Day 6, attending Valentin Yudaskin show in the morning, and John Galliano in the afternoon, with a quick show up at Mira Mikati's presentation. Valentin Yudaskin was quite elegant with nice evening looks that would make any woman look amazing. John Galliano was probably my favourite show to attend in terms of experience, it was not only full of recognisable faces from UK and US as they treated everyone quite nicely. Mira Mikati looked super fun, with models jumping in an inflatable castle, wearing some looks from the collection. There were colourful cookies and natural drinks for everyone. It was quite young and fresh. We took some photos, I will try to have those up soon. 

This look was by far the most photographed during Fashion Week, so we might already have a winner. Although it might just have been the Valentino's or the long deep vee neck of my jumpsuit. ;)

About the look, I had this trend going on during Fashion Week that you will see on my next photos - wearing leather leggings under culottes and dresses. I think it looks quite nice to have some fabric showing through, underneath. Not only it kept me extra warm as it gave an extra touch of elegance to my looks. This long duster coat was also one of my favourite pieces to wear during the week, it is so elegant and the material is also quite nice. I was asked about the sunglasses at Carven's entrance, it was so unexpected I said they were from Zara, but they're actually from Asos. (woops!)

Hope you are loving these, it would be great to hear what is your favourite look so far. Meanwhile stay tuned, Look #4 coming up tomorrow.

Long Coat: Zara (similar) • Golden Jumpsuit: Zara (similar here and here) • Leather Leggings: Helmut Lang (similar• Black Handbag: Armani Jeans (similar• Squared Sunglasses: Asos (similar) • Rock Stud Heels: Valentino • Wool Scarf: Zara (similar)

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