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I've been longing to share this one with you.. There are just a few things that I like more than walking around in a bikini under the warm sun (and a fresh bottle of water in my rucksack). Diving in the sea and laying in my towel as the sun warms up my color. So good. For me, it could be Summer all year around, as much as I love London, a year full of sun would only make it better. 

I've been shopping for all sort of interesting pieces that caught my eye for the next season, from bralette tops to long shirt dresses made with shiny silk with amazing embroidery. I am so looking forward to our next trips and Summer in general, it always makes me so happy for no reason.

About the look, today I'm wearing the Paloma Arianca bikini from Triang. The rucksack comes with the bikini as I am sure some of you already know. Triangl makes beautiful bikinis with neoprene, it not only holds on to the body much better than the common swimswear materials as it also makes you feel a bit like a cute surfer. :) 

What color is your favorite swimwear piece? See you soon!

Paloma Arianca Bikini: Triangl 

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