A weekend in Paris riding a Vespa around town can easily bring me back a few years to when Lizzie McGuire was pretty much the coolest girl on screen. Although the movie was in Italy, the mood was not so different.

Now one thing I don't get.. Why do I have to get sick everytime I travel on a weekend? It might be the fact that I'd rather stay longer and make that flight hustle worth it - I love travelling but I am not in love any form of transportation (other than nice cars and maybe rockets) haha.

About the look, I kept it quite simple as I didn't bring much with me and was completely unaware of the weather. The jeans were sort of an emergency purchase because you can't really ride a Vespa with any type of bottoms, (and that's when my look became even more casual) to be honest I wanted to wear some white jeans but was too afraid to get them dirty!

Funny enough, since this was a while back, these sneakers jeans and sunglasses no longer live in my closet. And the jacket, t-shirt and scarf are now for sale on my depop/vinted. You wouldn't believe how quickly I get over things. 

Have you ever been to Paris? See you soon!