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My hair appointment is in fifteen minutes, and I am here sitting because I want to get these looks from Paris Fashion Week up as soon as possible so that I can start sharing the latest. It has been a bit more challenging since work here has duplicated. I have to admit that I was expecting this much work at such early stage. But I've been loving it!

Sharing my first look from Paris Fashion Week today as I am now having more time to sit down and put everything together. We decided to go to Paris on a whim, we initially wanted to go to Milan Fashion Week since we never went, and doing both would be a bit more stressful, so because we had many invites for Paris and we had been there already earlier this year, we figured it would be easier to go there again. It is such an amazing Fashion Week experience, I always get to go to many shows, getting to see the collections in advance is quite helpful to write the trend predictions, trends and get inspired for my outfits. I also love to endorse the brands that I love, it is not just about the big labels, although those can be super inspiring. I always like to watch the shows I don't get to go on youtube, like Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Chloe and Saint Laurent..
The quality is amazing and in many ways it is so much easier to see everything,  you can pause to write down, and take screenshots all in the comfort of the hotel, it's great!

Last time I went to Paris I missed many shows because not only of the traffic but because I couldn't walk (or run) in heels (yes, run!) When shows are delayed and the locations are often quite far from each other, so last time I thought that taking the uber everywhere was the solution, but traffic in Paris is insane, and you end up beeing stuck in a car while the show is going. So this year I decided to wear tennis to most of the shows. I took my Valentino and my high leather boots, but most of the days I wore these and the boots. So I created all of my looks based on that, I didn't want to look million bucks and miss the shows, so I figured I would have to be practical.

About the look, on Day 1 we had AALTO, Kate Bee, Anrealage, Koché, Jacquemus and a cocktail party at Tom Greyhound. So the plan was to wear sneakers and walk everywhere, I was so proud I didn't miss any (although I was 30 min late to Jacquemus and of course missed my seat! But at least I got to see the collection!). I knew I wanted to wear a shirtdress to match the tennis, and I knew I would need a watch, so Calvin Klein it was! Because it could be windy I decided to wear my favourite leather pants, that ended up being the perfect excuse to wear my newest YSL bag. And that was it, quite simple, very practical something you could easily reproduce on a casual day, or simply inspire you to give yourself a break and leave the heels at home! This day was quite fun for me and easy since I was not only comfortable the entire day but I also got to walk through my favourite places, it was such a good experience. 

Leather Jacket: Dezzal (similar• Shirt Dress: Similar here  • Leather Leggings: Similar here • Shoulder Bag: Saint Laurent • Golden Watch: Calvin Klein • Golden Bracelet: Zara (similar• White Sneakers: Zara Customised (similar)