Wow, this week really went by way too fast, and I feel like the turtle on this marathon. I might have two choices on this one, I can either lookup for a startup that is working on a "slow-mo your week" app and put my best skills on the table, or turn myself into a superwoman version of what I am already doing. Yeah, that's probably the best one for now. But hey, if you're working on that, let me know!

This week taking to the streets my favourite colour for this season, the fifty shades of red is really the movie playing on my head every time my inner wifi connects to the holiday season! (wow, that was real cheese right there!) Red + Red was one of my predictions in the Fashion section and I have to to say it really rings the bell for me even if it is not of the dimension of the cape obsession that happened last year. Which by the way would have gone perfectly with my new plan of playing super woman. 

Paris is always in my head, and this week more than ever, I am not wanting to touch on the sad notes of the piano, so my only approach to the topic is that I believe that bad things happen for a reason, and the reason is more often than not, growth. With the bad comes the good, and what better to give to the world than to not be afraid. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my post where I shared my happiness in seeing the world coming together in such a beautiful way thanks to social media. So proud to belong to this generation! Yeah, millennials for the win!

So can we talk about the outfit already? I was in La Massana, the apple of Andorra (or so I assume) took my best pair of leather pants because it was too cold not to. The shirt is from Pedro's travel bag, it's been winking at me for a while (the shirt I mean). The Rebeca Sanver and the DKNY were so obvious here, in my head, I can't even find a cohesive explanation. First, they were my latest acquisitions (thats a lot on the table already), then Red + Red prediction, I mean how could I not to? And then, there were pine-trees everywhere, Christmas was already in my head before it even hit the shop windows. So there you go, that's how I get dressed in the morning. 

Thank you for reading, particularly today. Apparently I had more to say in this Tuesday evening than in the other days. That's good right? I'd be more than happy to read your thoughts on this look, as I am one who cares about what people think.. (in a healthy way). If you would like to ask me something, to style a particular clothing item for example, feel free to do so, I would be more than happy to play some challenge and to give you a shoutout. 

See you sooner,

White Men's Shirt: Sacoor (similar here and here Leather Leggings: Helmut Lang  Red Handbag: DKNY (similar• Red Heels: Rebeca Sanver (similar here and here)

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