What a week! Can't believe July is already coming to an end! It's almost my birthday and I can't help but notice how much I've grown in the last year. All I learned, all I did, and who I am becoming. I am so proud of myself, for coming this far with my life at such early age, with a fresh mind, still inspired, still motivated and still determined. 

"Stay Young" is still one of my life mottos, I have taken it so seriously that I started fearing my birthday from the day I became eighteen (if not earlier!). I knew how ridiculous it was, but still, I couldn't help to feel that growing up meant losing all the happiness and freedom. Sooner I realised that age is just another way to categorise, and because of that we sometimes feel the obligation to behave a certain way because we are x years old, therefore, we should already know how to cook and have a driving licence. I never wanted to drive anyways, and there's really nothing wrong with that, and if I ever change my mind it is never too late to learn.

I am not the best at cooking either, but that must be because of my lack of interest and honestly, necessity. I know how to cook within the basics, however making potatoes, pasta, and rice is something in which I'd probably fail at. I never cared to learn because I eat none of these, not even at a restaurant! Due to some health conditions (like food intolerance) and my will to be healthy, I developed a quite strict diet that even when I fail I am still doing ok. I've cut carbs a long time ago, I consume them in nuts, fruits, and seeds. Always avoided sauces, fried food, and charcuterie. Sugar and processed foods came next, chocolate was the hardest. Most recently I had to cut meat and milk derivatives, (I never liked milk anyways). It takes a lot of willpower to stay on a diet where distinguishing legumes from vegetables is necessary. I wouldn't be able to do it if it wasn't for my determination. 

Being a person who used to have a hormonal imbalance that caused me stress and anxiety, something I couldn't get myself to do was to relax, (or even sleep!). I am glad to say that it is something that I gradually became better at, by learning to be more patient with life, and myself. But also by carrying a balanced clean diet that includes all the nutrients and at the same time is pure. I am still bad at meditating, I feel like I am loosing my time, and not necessarily meaning that I have something important to do, but perhaps that I could be doing a million more interesting things instead, so the effect becomes the opposite making me more anxious. I am too fast paced. I could sit, but my mind is still running. 

Now one thing I learned that helps me to calm my mind and keep me in the present is to workout. Any kind of workout will work. From dance, running, yoga, all of them require a mental state that requires me to stay present. Each movement needs my attention. Being in a position that you have difficulty to stay, makes 2 seconds seem like an eternity, the same goes with running super fast. About a month ago I was running every single day at the gym for an hour, at 11km per hour. It was crazy, but my body and mind felt so exhausted afterwards that it would be impossible for me to do something other than relax. I definitely think that working out is crucial to the mind and body, whether it is a long walk on the promenade or swimming marathons. 

About the look, I partnered up with Mr. Gugu to show you their women's collection called Miss Go. The brand is quite colourful, full of unique prints that stand out. Workout wear and street wear compose their main style, but they also happen to have a swimwear section. You can have it all matching or collect the different prints. The best way to style such statement pieces is with basic plain pieces like a basic white top, or in a colour that is in the print. In this case, military green would work just as good. I decided to pair it with a white tassel crop top and take my towel to the hotel's garden and try to relax. Despite the beautiful photos, I have to admit that it didn't last too long.. haha

What about you? What are your healthy habits?

Geometric Pattern Leggings: Mr.Gugu β€’ Popping Print Shoes: Mr.Gugu β€’ Tassel Trim Crop Top: Missguided 
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